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Company Progress

On November 5, Tongxin Investment Development Co., Ltd. established a wholly-owned enterprise in Zhao'an-- Fujian Global Ocean Biotechnology Co., Ltd.


Revenue was 52.37 million yuan



Industrial output to the highest lever

The company has set up a holding subsidiary named Fujian Haidebao Biotechnology Co.,Ltd. and a wholly-owned subsidiary Fujian Healthy-Care Food Co., Ltd with annual out put of more than 1,000 tons and output value of more than 9 million RMB for the first time.



Listed on the “ New Three Board”


Annual production and sales of agar more than 500 tons, revenue of 52.37 million RMB


First batch of products went offline

The first batch of products came into mass production


Fujian Global Ocean Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

The company produces and sells nearly 800 tons of agar-agar annually with a revenue of 79.46 million RMB, which was listed on the new third board in September.